10 Ways Narconon Handles Crack Addiction

crackThere is a chemical out and about in the world today called cocaine hydrochloride. We commonly refer to it as cocaine. Some cocaine users, in order to make the drug more potent, remove the hydrochloride, a process call “freebasing.” The solid form of this freebased cocaine is called “crack”, getting its name from the snapping and cracking sounds it makes when being heated and smoked. Once considered a rich man’s drug, it is currently being sold at prices that even juveniles can afford–at least in the beginning. Once addicted, the crack habit increases along with the cost.

Crack Facts

The user places the crack in a hash or glass pipe with a fine mesh screen under it. The crack is heated and the vapors are inhaled. The resulting high occurs in just 10-15 seconds, and will last 10-15 minutes.
Because it is a street drug, there are no guarantees the user will actually be getting crack, nor will the user know what the drug might be cut with. As a result, a person doesn’t necessarily need to overdose on crack to die as a consequence of its use.
Another fact of crack use is the rapid development of tolerance with its continued use, opening the door to the problematic social consequences that result from such an expensive drug habit, including drug-related crimes.

How Narconon Handles Crack Addiction

The complete handling for crack addiction is for the addict to honestly do each and every part of the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program to the best of his or her ability, and with the full intention to achieve the goal of a drug-free life. With that said, let’s look at 10 ways that are a part of achieving that overall result.

· Getting the person through drug-free withdrawal
The crack addict is gotten through withdrawal without the use of substituted drugs and with minimal discomfort. It is the first step in the individual coming out from under the influence of the drug.

· Improving the person’s communication skills
The individual, through simple drills and exercises, gradually improves their ability to communicate with self and others.

· Getting the person oriented to their current environment
The individual, through simple drills and exercises, gets into communication with their present environment as it is now, not as it has been. Drugs tend to stick a person in the past and in bad experiences, and this action helps handle that.

· Ridding the person’s body of drug residues and toxins
The physical and mental cravings for drugs are a key factor in relapse and an addict’s inability to attain and maintain sobriety. Through the Narconon Sauna Program, the individual can get rid of the drug residues still lodged in the tissues of the body.

· Rehabilitating the person’s ability to comprehend and apply information studied
Because drug use impairs the person’s ability to read, study and understand information, the Learning Improvement Course rehabilitates the individual’s ability to understand and apply information studied

· Increasing the individual’s ability to communicate
Because communication is so vital to existence and dealing with life, another series of drills and exercises are done to increase the person’s ability to face tough situations and increase their overall ability to communicate in any situation.

· Increasing the person’s awareness of self, others and the environment
Because drug use engenders a low level of responsibility for self and others, as well as a lack of awareness of the environment around the addict, life skills exercises and drills are done to increase the person’s responsibility for self and others and raise the person’s awareness of their environment.

· Learning how to choose people who support sobriety
Because the addict will have been surrounded by others who are addicts and live an addict’s lifestyle, he or she learns to identify the characteristics of the social person who will support sobriety and the characteristics of the anti-social person who will draw them back into a life of substance abuse.

· Restoring personal values
Because repeated misconduct and the betrayal of others is a day-in an day-out aspect of the addict’s lifestyle resulting in degradation and guilt, it is vital to the rehabilitation of the person to restore the personal values the person once followed. This is done on the Personal Values and Integrity Life Skills Course.

· Restoring personal integrity
Because drug use and an addict’s lifestyle serve to destroy the wholeness and sense of innate wellbeing and goodness of a person, the individual learns how to restore their personal integrity as part of the Personal Values and Integrity Life Skills Course.

As one person who escaped crack addiction through successful completion of the Narconon program said:

I am completely drug free for the first time since 1976. I came to Narconon with a $30,000.00 crack habit and no interest of stopping…

Now through application of the Narconon program I have no doubt that I will never use again. I will be a productive citizen and I recommend this program to anyone. – F.P. Narconon Graduate

There are even more ways that the Narconon Program can handle crack addiction as well as other substance abuse problems. For more information, please visit our main site for our facility at http://www.narcononarrowhead.org/.