10 Statistics About Substance Abuse and Narconon Treatment

drug addictIf you were to consider the problem of substance abuse in this country, which substances would you think of?  Would you consider only the use of illicit drugs, or the abuse or illegal use of prescription medications as well?  Would you consider even the legal consumption of alcohol and nicotine to be substance abuse?

There are more drugs available today than ever before, and unfortunately, there is more substance abuse occurring today than ever before as well.  There are various actions being undertaken to try and help reduce the problem of substance abuse – from the FDA enforcing stricter dosage and warning labels on prescription medications to the DEA cracking down on illegal drug trafficking, community service groups working to educate teenagers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, law enforcement agencies working to enforce laws regarding underage drinking and tobacco use, and much more.

Substance Abuse Statistics

Substance abuse is commonly defined as the long-term, daily use of alcohol or other drugs.  It includes the inability to reduce one’s consumption as well as the impairment of one’s ability to function normally.  Tobacco products, alcohol and prescription medication are all drug substances that can be abused just as illicit drugs can.  Following are some statistics regarding substance abuse in America:

1. Approximately 16% of the American population twelve years of age or older has an addiction.

2. Approximately 56% of the individuals who have an addiction additionally use other substances in risky ways.

3. Approximately 9% of the individuals who have an addiction are addicted to nicotine.

4. Approximately 7% of the individuals who have an addiction are addicted to alcohol.

5. Approximately 2% of the individuals who have an addiction are addicted to illegal drugs.

6. Approximately 1% of the individuals who have an addiction are addicted to prescription medications.

7. Approximately 17% of the individuals who have an addiction are addicted to multiple substances.

8. Approximately 21% of the individuals who are addicted to nicotine are also addicted to alcohol and other drugs, while approximately 30% of the individuals who are addicted to alcohol are also addicted to nicotine and other drugs.

9. Approximately 62% of the individuals who are addicted to illegal drugs are also addicted to nicotine, alcohol or prescription medications.

10. Approximately 75% of the individuals who are addicted to prescription medications are also addicted to alcohol, nicotine or illegal drugs.

Narconon Treatment

Narconon is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that is in use in over one hundred thirty facilities around the world.  For over forty years, Narconon has successfully helped individuals resolve their addictions and move on to live healthy, happy, productive lives.  The program that results in the success of seventy percent of their graduates moving on to live drug-free lives includes a sauna detoxification program, address of the root causes behind substance use and abuse, taking responsibility for the damaging effects of one’s substance abuse, learning valuable life skills for the future and much more.  When a program student has graduated, Narconon’s follow-up care and routine outcome monitoring ensures that the program continues to be effective in getting great results, and graduates continue to succeed in their drug-free lives.

With so many Americans currently suffering from substance abuse problems, and many of these individuals abusing more than one substance at the same time, Narconon’s work in reaching out to and helping addicts, and then following up with a routine outcome monitoring program, is a vital service.