Study Shows that ADHD Drug Abuse Being During the Teen Years

adhdKiddie Cocaine it’s called.  More formally, Ritalin; and commonly prescribed to children and youth as a chemical “solution” to study difficulties in school.  According to the Drug Enforcement Administration,  Ritalin (the drug methylphenidate), is a Schedule II narcotic.  It is in the same drug classification as amphetamines, cocaine and morphine.  It begs the question, why are we starting our children and youth on the path to drug addiction by giving them a Schedule II narcotic? Continue reading

Study Reports an Increase in Binge Drinking Among Young People

womanBinge drinking is the practice of consuming large amounts of alcohol in a single sitting.   A man drinking five or more drinks at a sitting, or a woman drinking four or more drinks at a sitting is regarded as binge drinking.  According to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, around 90% of the alcohol consumed by U.S. youth under 21-years of age is consumed in the form of binge drinks. Continue reading

Study Finds Flakka to be More Addictive than Meth

methFlakka is a designer drug ordinarily made from the chemical alpha-PVP—a synthetic version of the stimulant chemical cathinone.  The cathinone chemicals are derived from the Middle Eastern and Somalian khat plant, where the leaves of the plant are often chewed to get a euphoric buzz. Continue reading